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Adopt a new approach to collaboration with an expansive digital canvas and innovative software.

Nureva Span Workspace 

Nureva Span Workspace is the ultimate software solution for students who want ample creative space to develop ideas and build out plans. Whether they are adding notes from their personal device, sharing their screen, or working from the Nureva Wall itself, students have everything they need to collaborate all in one place. Compatible with any device, the software encourages collaborative processes, big-picture thinking, and simplifies sharing, whether you are in the same room or around the world. 

Nureva Wall WM408i 

Wake up your walls with multi-touch capabilities! The Nureva Wall WM408i system combines a capacitive touch surface with an ultra-short-throw HD projector to give students the tools they need to collaborate in a big way! With the WM408i, students can develop the critical skills they need for future success including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Using the same advanced technology found in the latest smartphones, the system yields the lowest cost per pixel of any display technology. It's the perfect solution for larger classrooms or collaborating spaces.