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Video-enable your classrooms or district offices in five minutes.

MeetSmart Cloud-based Video Conferencing

With MeetSmart, you can enjoy high quality video conferencing on any device, in any classroom or school facility, and on any network. Bring the experts to your class without the hassle or cost of travel, record and capture video lessons for later use, go on virtual excursions and cultural field trips, transmit video live, or use for distance/virtual learning. With MeetSmart, you can connect classrooms, schools, district offices, or any public venue quickly and easily through a personalized virtual meeting room.  Participants can access the service through any web-browser, tablet, smart phone or standards-based video application such as Microsoft Skype or Lync. Best of all, you can avoid the high cost of establishing and operating your own service network and enjoy the freedom and functionality of MeetSmart today!