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Designed with one flat side, ROCKER OTT seating encourages movement and fidget naturally. A great seating solution for students who have a difficult time staying still in a classroom. ROCKER OTT seats are available in multiple colors and come in three sizes:

Small 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 12in(H))
Medium 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 16in(H)
High 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 18in(H)
GENGA Collection GC01

Creating seats, surfaces, cubby spaces, and tiered seating, GENGA is endless in its use and evokes a unique creative spirit to every learning zone for people big and small. 

This collection includes:
10 x GENGA Blocks (Large) 
12 x GENGA Blocks (Small) 


WORKPAD pads are the ideal solution for a flexible learning space. They act as a seat, lap desk, or back rest. The caddy allows for easy storage and portability. The caddy, made from acoustic material is a soft seat holder that can also double as a seat itself! The caddy can be taken anywhere, allowing educators to create an agile pop up learning space in any area in the learning network.

This collection includes:
10 x WORKPAD Pads 

GRASSY DOME Collection

Creating a whimsical, sensory and textural element to any learning space, our unique GRASSY collection has created a comfortable seating solution while giving students the ability to engage multiple senses.  

This collection includes:
2 x GRASSY Domes (Medium) 
1 x GRASSY Dome (Large) 


Foam-filled CRASHPOD cushions are uniquely designed to retain their shape. These are a staple in any and every learning space and are ideal for reflective or group work. These cushions are available in two different sizes:

Small 47in(W) x 35in(H)
Medium 47in(W) x 47in(H)

Lightweight, yet durable foam construction allows for portability. Encouraged for use by students and educators alike. Helps to maintain a comfortable seated position.

Dimensions 18in(L) x 18in(W) x 18in(H)

TECHSPACE stools can be used in all learning spaces including STEAM and maker-spaces. Ideal for students of any age in any learning environment. The stools are available in two different heights:

High 13in(L) x 17in(W) x 30in(H)
Low 13in(L) x 17in(W) x 22in(H)