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SCOFA Booth Collection

Spark Ideas and Interest in this Innovative Space

SCOFA Booth Collection SCB01

The SCOFA Booth Collection by NorvaNivel is the perfect zone for small groups to gather, brainstorm and ideate. Designed for senior students and available in both standard and writeable surfaces, it is the perfect collection for peer to peer learning and Chromebook project work. Learners can take advantage of the comfortable seating and face-to-face configurationsuitable for 21st century learning. The SCOFA Booth Collection is available in multiple colors and includes:

2 x SCOFA Double Seats - 26in(L) x 47in(W) x 33in(H)
1 x PEBBLETREE Foldable Table - Multiple Sizes Available:
71in(L) x 30in(W) x 28in(H)
63in(L) x 30in(W) x 28in(H)
55in(L) x 30in(W) x 28in(H)
47in(L) x 30in(W) x 28in(H)