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Focus and Engage Your Students Through Movement

ROCKER OTT Collection

Designed by NorvaNivel with one flat side, the ROCKER OTT seating encourages movement and fidgetting naturally. Ideal for larger groups of students working together collaboratively or for individual learning activities, it fits perfectly into any classroom, shared learning space, or withdrawal space. Lightweight and completely mobile, the ROCKER OTT is a great seating solution for students that have a difficult time staying still or focusing in class. The ROCKER OTT Collection is available in multiple colors and comes in three sizes:

Small: 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 12in(H)
Medium: 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 16in(H)
Tall: 16in(L) x 18in(W) x 18in(H)