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PROP Single Bench

This low back lounge seat would be suitable in anyone’s living room for comfort, let alone a learning space. 

Dimensions – 33in(L) x 24in(W) x 28in(H)

PROP Double Bench

Perfect for learning and discussion between learners working on a project or activity. 

Dimensions – 33in(L) x 47in(W) x 28in(H)

PROP Corner Bench

Amazing appearance and comfort for a 21st century learning environment.

Dimensions – 34in(L) x 34in(W) x 28in(H)

PROP Collection

The NORVANIVEL PROP seating is designed with an angled back that facilitates a more casual approach to learning. The collection is designed to allow learners to sit in various ways according to their comfort level.

This collection includes:
1 x NorvaNivel PROP Single Bench 
– 33in(L) x 24in(W) x 28in(H) 
1 x NorvaNivel PROP Double Bench – 33in(L) x 47in(W) x 28in(H)  
1 x NorvaNivel PROP Corner Bench – 34in(L) x 34in(W) x 28in(H)