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Prowise ProConnect

ProConnect: first-class digital collaboration between teacher and students.

ProConnect is a free and simple to use application which facilitates interaction between student devices and fosters collaboration in your classroom. Regardless of whether you use a touchscreen, tablet, laptop, or smartphone, ProConnect makes collaboration easy and effective. There’s a reason that ProConnect won the IPON award in 2014!

Share screens between tablet and touchscreen.

From your own PC or touchscreen, you can send images and assignments to the devices of your students. Once they have completed the task, they can send their solutions back to you. To review the outcome together, use the touchscreen to display the results.

Follow your student’s work, live

While your students are working on their tasks you can watch live on your tablet how they respond and offer them personalized guidance where needed. Use the touchscreen to display one of the student’s screens to set an example for the rest of the class.


Do you want to know whether everybody has understood the subject matter? Or do you want to know the students’ opinion of a subject? By allowing students to vote, you can easily collect answers to questions and you will quickly know what is going on in your classroom.

Collect the input from your students on the touchscreen

Use WordCloud to activate and access prior knowledge in a fun way. The words sent by the students appear on the touchscreen which you can discuss as a group. Would you like to make a mind map together? You can do this quickly by using ProConnect.

Who can solve the most math problems?

Every now and again, a math competition can motivate students of any age. Who can add, subtract, multiply, or divide the fastest? Choose the desired level and watch the progress on your device.


With ProQuiz, you can create an educational quiz in the blink of an eye. Students can take the quiz independently and at their own pace and you will receive the answers on your device.

How does ProConnect work?

ProConnect is a component of Prowise Presenter. For use on mobile phone or tablet, download the free app.