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Privacy Contact Form
Privacy Contact Form

This form is to be used by individuals requesting access to their own personal information held by ELB Solutions Pty Ltd.
In order to assist us in processing your request, please complete the fields below. Please note that in some instances Fees may be charged for supplying access to personal information; however, there is no fee for lodging a request.

Identification information

The information you provide in this section will be used for the sole purpose of identifying you in order to respond to your request.

 I declare that I am the individual referred to in this request for access to personal information
 I declare that all the information I have provided to ELB Solutions to respond to my request is true, complete and correct
 I understand that all or part of my request may be denied (as permitted by law)
 I understand that in some circumstances ELB may pass access costs onto me, and in those circumstances the requested information will be retrieved once payment has been finalized.