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Panel Lift Systems

Create the Ultimate Learning Solution with a Motorized Lift

iPro Toddler Lift by Prowise

The iPro Toddler Lift is perfect for those young learners or students with disabilities who need access to the interactive panel closer to the floor. Using the front-facing foot pedals or the remote control, the lift can be lowered to accommodate even the smallest learners or transformed into a collaborative touch table that many can enjoy. The large, high grade wheels enable movement from one area to another quickly, while the advanced locking system ensures utmost safety. It's the perfect solution for any early childhood or special education classroom!  

iPro Tilt Lift by Prowise

The iPro Tilt Lift makes it easy to use your interactive flat panel as a collaborative touch table, drafting desk, or as a standard vertical screen at varying heights. With the push of a button or by pressing the front-facing foot pedals, you can raise, lower or tilt the panel into your desired position. With only one cord to power both the flat panel and lift, as well as an advanced safety system, the iPro Tilt Lift is a safe, yet practical solution for all classrooms.  It takes working, presenting, and collaborating on interactive flat panels to a whole new level!

iPro Mobile Lift by Prowise

The iPro Mobile Lift is a height adjustable mobile lift system that is compatible with a variety of interactive flat panels. By pressing the front-facing foot pedals or using the attached remote control, you can easily set the lift to the proper height. This lift is ideal for larger sized panels or for classrooms where  tilt or table mode is not desired.  Made with top quality materials, you won’t go wrong with the iPro Mobile Lift!

iPro Wall Lift by Prowise

The iPro Wall Lift is a height adjustable wall mount with floor support, compatible with any interactive flat panel.  This lift is ideal for fixed environments when traditional wall mounting is a concern. A separate tray for the storage of a keyboard and mouse add convenience to this practical choice. Made with high quality materials, you won’t go wrong with the Prowise Wall Lift!