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Our Story

A Long and Successful History in Education.

Within the next two years, ELB had grown to seven offices across Australia and was a key distributor of a newer type of communication technology called video conferencing. Not surprisingly, video conferencing is a key component of many customer solutions delivered today.

The late 1990’s proved to be an important time for ELB, as strategy shifted from being a product supplier to being an integration provider. Given advancements in technology and the desire to have integrated rather than just standalone products, ELB made a fundamental shift and integrated solutions became our business.

By 2005, ELB had established offices in all Australian capital cities as well as several regional areas.

The late 2000’s brought significant growth and change. Key product and service line extensions further transformed the company into being an all-inclusive provider. The company opened its first international office in Auckland, New Zealand.

By 2011, ELB had 13 offices across Australia and New Zealand. Around the same time, given the growth of technology in education, ELB Education was born. The resources and services developed and delivered by this team continue to support countless education organization today.

2013 was a very exciting year for ELB. The first United States office was established in Pleasanton, CA. Located in close proximity to the global technology hub of Silicon Valley, the office now serves as a key conduit to the global head offices of many of our core suppliers.

A second US office, in Los Angeles, CA, was established in 2014. Shortly thereafter, ELB acquired Broadreach Services to augment our UC and managed services portfolio.

By the end of 2016, in addition to establishing operations in Canada, ELB had announced seven new customer-focused business units designed to better align with and meet the changing needs of our customers.

Throughout 2017, ELB experienced considerable growth and further geographic expansion across both the United States and Canada. To support these efforts, our third regional office, located in Chicago, IL, officially opened in early 2018. 

And we won't stop there!  As the business continues to evolve and grow, ELB will continue to look for ways to expand our footprint to better support the needs of our customers, both nationally and internationally.

It’s hard to believe that out of one product so many years ago, a global organization was born. Yet, there are a few things that have made this company great. Firstly, we have always been ahead of the curve; delivering cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to our customers as early as possible. We take risks, and we have the vision and drive to turn those risks into success. Secondly, we are committed to going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional level of service to our clients. We make it a priority to truly understand our customers—their needs, their desires, their constraints, their challenges—and to offer effective, quality solutions that represent the best in long-term value.