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ELB Announces Release of Prowise’s Award-Winning Next Generation Products

ELB Announces Release of Prowise’s Award-Winning Next Generation Products.

New Prowise ProLine+ and Entry Line UHD interactive flat panels offer superior functionality and flexibility while the Prowise rACS cart is the ideal solution for classroom device management.

San Francisco, January 24th, 2018 – ELB US Inc., a national education technology provider and exclusive North American distributor of Prowise, announces the release of two next generation Prowise interactive flat panels and the Prowise rolling Asset Charge & Storage (rACS) cart.

“Available in two models, the Pro Line+ and Entry Line UHD interactive panels offer a superior classroom experience centered on flexibility, reliability, and collaboration. With UHD (4K) resolution, 20-points of touch, an integrated sound bar, and Prowise Central, they represent the very best in next generation touchscreens. A 2018 BETT Awards finalist, the Pro Line+ is the third Prowise product in as many years to be recognized for this prestigious award."

With the Prowise rACS cart, storing, securing, and charging your student devices has never been easier. Masterfully engineered with a sturdy, safe, mobile design, the cart will hold up to 36 student devices and move quickly and easily to any classroom or learning space. Perfect for use with Prowise Chromebooks, the rACS cart is the ideal classroom device management solution.

“ELB is excited to see these new products introduced into our local market,” says Damian Bolton, President, ELB US. “Prowise interactive displays continue to be a key component within our flexible learning spaces and we’re looking forward to seeing our schools and classrooms benefit from these new advancements.”

Pro Line+ Interactive Flat Panel
The new Pro Line+ panel offers leading-edge functionality with a natural writing experience using ProWrite Ink technology. With Ultra HD (4K) resolution, 20 points of touch, a built-in 6-speaker sound bar, two integrated wide area microphones, a USB 3.0 webcam mount, and an industry-leading 7 year warranty, there is nothing else quite like it. A new feature, Prowise Central, is also included for one-touch access to all the new and exciting features of the built-in software. This includes ProNote and Reflect. ProNote turns your ideas into notes, while Reflect allows you to display and control up to 4 student devices on the screen at one time. “This model is a prime example of the latest generation of touchscreens, which includes modular design and the intuitive ProWrite Ink technology,” says Michael Ahrens, Prowise’s Director. “We see both in education and business environments, the requests for touchscreens that improve collaboration and interaction are increasing. The Pro Line+ offers you the possibility to easily share multiple screens and have access to all the important apps you need in everyday use.”

Entry Line UHD Interactive Panel

The new Entry Line UHD panels offer all the features and functionality you need, but at a modest price. With Ultra HD (4K) resolution, 20 points of touch, integrated speakers, and a five-year warranty, its’ the most affordable solution for any collaboration space. Experience crystal clear image quality, available from any viewing angle in the classroom due to IPS and anti-glare technology. The powerful sound delivered by two speakers creates an impressive audio experience that spreads throughout your classroom. Ideal for any learning space, the Entry Line UHD is the ultimate value-priced collaboration tool.

Prowise rolling Asset Charge & Storage (rACS) Cart

The Prowise rolling Asset Charge & Storage (rACS) cart is perfect for any learning space, providing a safe and secure place to store and charge up to 36 Chromebooks or other personal devices. It features a superior design, computer-controlled power supply, and lockable cabinet doors with convenient cable storage. With a five-year comprehensive warranty, it makes classroom device management affordable and easy!

About ELB Education

ELB Education (a division of ELB US Inc.) provides innovative technology products, services and solutions to the education sector. This includes assisting schools – from early year learning centers to universities – to enhance their educational outcomes through the use of technology, supporting student learning and the professional development of teachers. For more information, visit

About Prowise
Prowise is a leading Dutch company that invests in innovative, high quality and reliable digital education solutions, offering self-developed touchscreens, personal devices and user-friendly Presenter software. Interact and collaborate at the highest level in both business and learning environments. To date more than 10.000 schools, 275.00 teachers and hundreds of companies, such as Bosch, Audi and Roche, in fifteen different countries make use of the solutions of Prowise. For more information, visit

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