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ELB Announces Partnership with Innovative Education Furniture Company, NorvaNivel

ELB Announces Partnership with Innovative Education Furniture Company, NorvaNivel.

ELB’s innovative education technology and NorvalNivel’s future-focused agile furniture ideally combine to create turnkey learning space solutions.

San Francisco, January 24th, 2018 – ELB US Inc., a national education technology provider announces a partnership with NorvaNivel, an innovative education furniture company based in Plano, Texas. This new partnership combines furniture and technology to create flexible learning spaces designed to foster engagement in all types of learners and for all future-focused pedagogy.

Due to advancements in education, teaching is now moving away from a one-size-fits all approach. Today’s learning environments need to facilitate engagement for a wide variety of learners and learning styles. Together, NorvaNivel and ELB provide the furniture and technology, respectively, to create these flexible learning environments that support the delivery of content to all students for all learning styles.

NorvaNivel designs, manufactures and supplies quality education furniture that facilitates student-centered learning and small and large group collaboration. Students are empowered to transform the space around them to suit their learning needs. Recognizing the increasing role that technology plays in the classroom and in the development of digital literacy skills, all NorvaNivel furniture is light-weight, multipurpose and agile. ELB’s innovative and flexible education technology is the perfect complement to this furniture, bringing a holistic solution to any learning space.

“Research shows that automation, globalization and flexibility will impact every job by 2030. That means today’s learners need to develop the skills to respond to these changes and thrive in the future workforce. We believe our education furniture, coupled with ELB’s learning technologies provides this type of future-focused learning environment,” says Jolene Levin, Director of NorvaNivel. “ELB’s new ‘Flexible Spaces for Flexible Learning’ solutions will help learners discover and develop these skills for the future. The spaces will foster collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and innovation.”

ELB and NorvaNivel not only share a passion for flexible learning environments, but also share a similar history and business philosophy. Both companies were founded in Sydney, Australia and achieved success by supporting the education community nationwide for many years before expanding to the US market. Their philosophy of working collaboratively with schools and districts to first identify their needs and then deliver customized solutions which specifically address them, is mutual and provides the foundation for a lasting partnership.

“We are excited to be working with NorvaNivel to advance the modern learning space, and better meet the needs of students, both now and in the future. The combination of our industry-leading technology with their multipurpose furniture is revolutionary in our industry and we are excited to add this to our product mix. With support from our experienced and knowledgeable Education team, we know schools and their students will benefit significantly from this partnership through increased engagement, collaboration and ingenuity,” says Damian Bolton, ELB US President.

About ELB Education
ELB Education (a division of ELB US Inc.) provides innovative technology products, services and solutions to the education sector. This includes assisting schools – from early year learning centers to universities – to enhance their educational outcomes through the use of technology, supporting student learning and the professional development of teachers. For more information, visit

About NorvaNivel
NorvaNivel was founded with the desire to transform learning through space in order to give all students the opportunity to succeed in the future. NorvaNivel creates furniture and agile learning spaces designed to foster engagement in all types of learners and for any future-focused pedagogy. NorvaNivel has collaborated with over 1,000 educators globally to create furniture and spaces that meet their needs. All NorvaNivel products are manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit

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About ELB Education
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