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ELB Announces New Series of Industry-First Flat Panel Lift Systems from Prowise

ELB Announces New Series of Industry-First Flat Panel Lift Systems from Prowise

New Prowise iPro flat panel lift systems feature a futuristic design with innovative foot controls, breakthrough lift-to-panel integration, and an industry-leading brake system for greater flexibility and safety in the classroom.

San Francisco, June 25th, 2018 –ELB US Inc., a national education solutions provider and exclusive North American distributor of Prowise, announces the release of Prowise’s newest series of flat panel lift systems, the iPro Lift Series. Available in four models‒ the iPro Tilt Lift, iPro Mobile Lift, iPro Wall Lift, and iPro Toddler Lift‒ the iPro Series offers the very best in safety and value and a unique, industry-first design which makes teaching and learning with an interactive flat panel more intuitive, flexible, and rewarding.

Users can operate the iPro lift system either by foot using the front-facing pedals or by using the software shortcuts built into our newest series of Prowise interactive flat panels. This allows teachers to make changes to the height or horizontal position of the panel with ease. “As soon as a teacher enters the classroom, they can log into the panel using their personal NFC card. The lift will swiftly move into that teacher’s desired position. The lesson can start immediately and switching classrooms or teachers takes no time at all. Further adjustments to the lift can be made either by using the foot controls or by launching the tool set within Prowise Central,” states Prowise Director, Michael Ahrens.

Offering the most safety features of any flat panel lift system on the market, the iPro Series is a cut above all others. With delicate sensors that cease operation when an object is detected, an automatic brake mechanism that prevents movement unless in the most stable position, double-safety wheels, a small, non-obtrusive base plate, and only one cord required to power both the panel and lift, teachers can feel comfortable that all risks are minimized and students are safe. “By setting the highest quality standards for ourselves, we can ensure our products offer maximum safety and reliability as well as a 5 year comprehensive warranty. Our previous lift series achieved the highest safety certification and our new iPro Lift Series has done the same,” notes Ivar Schram, Prowise Product Developer.

The iPro Lift Series also offers unmatched flexibility to accommodate any teacher or student, regardless of height, physical ability, or grade level. “We work closely with the education community to design products that meet their needs. Teachers have told us that it is the smallest children, the tallest teachers, and students with disabilities that struggle to effectively use interactive flat panels. As a result, we made sure that the iPro Lift Series can accommodate participation of even the smallest, tallest, or physically challenged users,” says Ahrens.

With the addition of the iPro Series to the Prowise line-up, schools can now cater to the needs of all students and teachers. The benefits to our customers will be immeasurable. Likewise, the added features of safety, convenience, flexibility, and integration that are incorporated into these new lifts are further testaments of Prowise’s long-term commitment to quality and fit-for-purpose solutions. We are excited to bring this revolutionary product to the U.S. market as it embodies the types of flexible, student-focused solutions we know helps improve teaching and learning for our customers,” says Damian Bolton, ELB US President.

Prowise iPro lift systems will be available through ELB US across North America starting in the Fall 2018.

About ELB Education

For over 30 years, ELB Education (a division of ELB US Inc.) has been a leading provider of quality classroom solutions for contemporary learning environments. Experienced and classroom-qualified Education Consultants have supported over 6,000 schools across the United States, Canada, and Australia to improve educational outcomes through the use of technology and expert professional development. As the needs of teachers and students have changed, so has ELB. Today, ELB is proud to offer the ideal combination of technology, furniture, resource, and service solutions to create and enhance flexible learning spaces. Our flexible solutions allow for flexible learning and we believe that is the future of education, and of life. ELB is the the exclusive North American Distributor of Prowise. For more information, visit

About Prowise

Prowise b.v. has been building a solid reputation as an innovative interactive solution provider since 2010. Prowise interactive flat panels were invented out of the need to address and alleviate many of the common challenges and issues with existing interactive technologies. With the addition of various mobile lift systems, tablets, all-in-one PC’s, chromebooks, and Presenter collaboration software to the product mix, Prowise has continually pushed boundaries to better meet the changing needs of students and educators. Listening to the customer has resulted in some of the very best products in the market today. To date more than 10,000 schools, 25,000 teachers, and hundreds of companies, such as Bosch, Audi and Roche, in fifteen different countries, use Prowise solutions. For more information, visit

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About ELB Education
ELB Education has been providing innovative teaching technologies since 1986. With over 30 years experience, we are passionate about supporting teachers, providing a comprehensive range of technology solutions, training and information about the effective use of technology for 21st century learning.