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Media, Library, Common Area Furniture
Elevate Wind Soft Seating by MooreCo

Elevate Wind is an innovative, high quality soft seating solution perfect for configuring in multiple arrangements and environments. Pairs perfectly with other Elevate Wind soft seating products to create truly collaborative and comfortable seating solutions. Ideal for libraries, open learning spaces and common areas.

  • High quality top stitched sewing
  • Available in multiple fabrics and colors
  • Includes nylon glides
Elevate Steps Soft Seating by MooreCo

Elevate Steps is a tiered soft seating solution that supports the creation of individual learning, group collaboration, and relaxation spaces. Choose from a variety of configurations and enjoy complete flexibility. Light-weight and multi-purpose, the Steps make changing your learning spaces over and over again easy!

  • High quality top stitched sewing
  • Two-tier seating: step rises 17-3/4″ and 17″ bottom to top
  • Three-tier seating: step rises 10-1/4″, 16″, and 8-1/2″ bottom to top
  • Available in multiple fabrics and colors
GoGo Benches by Encore

The Go Go Collection is a charming range of lounge seating and benches designed with speed of change in mind. Intelligently hidden casters allow for quick re-configuration to support  impromptu meetings, collaboration sessions or individual learning activities. 

  • Perfect for universal or common spaces
  • Two tone fabric choices for modern look
  • Hidden casters for a sleek look and feel
  • Easily reconfigurable
Visor Modular by Encore

With the Visor Modular line, defining a common learning space and creating an intuitive and collaborative environment has never been easier. With armless lounge chairs, love seats and tables, the configurations are endless and perfect. The sleek design and shapes encourage interaction and engagement, or just the right amount of quiet.

  • Seat Height: 17.5”
  • Straight and wedge-shaped seating styles
  • Armless solutions
  • Individual or modular combinations
Think Nook by Haskell

The Think Nook is the perfect escape for students who need alone time to think, read or simply recharge. It enhances student learning while supporting healthy transitions between group work and individualized learning. With under seat storage, high quality casters, and a full whiteboard on the back, it's a truly multi-purpose learning solution.   

  • Comfortably sits up to 2 students
  • Multiple fabrics to choose from
  • Dry erase whiteboard surface on the back
  • 3” total lock casters