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HEX OTT Seating by NorvaNivel

The hexagon shape and construction of the HEX OTT Seats supports multiple learning space configurations and single or group-based activites. It can also be used as a work surface. HEX OTT seats are highly customizable, available in multiple colors and fabric types, and come in three heights:

  • Small – 17in(L) x 20in(W) x 12in(H)
  • Medium – 17in(L) x 20in(W) x 16in(H)
  • High – 17in(L) x 20in(W) x 18in(H)
HEX OTT Seating Mini Collection by NorvaNivel

NorvaNivel's HEX OTT Seating Mini Collection creates a flexible and dynamic learning environment. Let your students enjoy the three different sized hexagonal seats and watch them engage with ease.   

This collection includes: 

  • 1 x HEX OTT Seat – (Small) 
  • 1 x HEX OTT Seat – (Medium) 
  • 1 x HEX OTT Seat – (Large)
HEX OTT Seating Maxi Collection by NorvaNivel

The various heights of the HEX OTT seats that are part of this collection allow learners to use them for both seating and surfaces, making it a highly flexible learning space. NorvaNivel's HEX OTT seating can be coupled with any NorvaNivel table.

This collection includes: 

  • 5 x HEX OTT Seats – (Small) 
  • 5 x HEX OTT Seats – (Medium) 
  • 5 x HEX OTT Seats – (Large)

This set of highly reconfigurable HEX OTT seats and EQUILATERAL tables is available in various heights and is an ideal solution for any type of learning space. The tables are available in both standard or writable surfaces. 

This collection includes: 

  • 6 x EQUILATERAL Tables
  • 6 x HEX OTT Seats