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GENGA Collection

The Power to Create, Investigate, and Build!

GENGA Collection

There’s no end to the uses for these innovative blocks! NovaNivel's GENGA
blocaks are one of the most versatile, agile and adaptive products in education. Accommodating 1 to 25 students, it can be used as seating, surfaces, cubbies, or as soft structures to support technology use. Let your students take ownership of these unique pieces and build their own spaces within a larger learning environment. With a wide range of large and small blocks, their options are limitless! GENGA is available in multiple colors and is a must have for any 21st century learning environment. The GENGA Collection includes:

4 x Small Blocks - 23in(L) x 13in(W) x 6in(H)
10 x Large Blocks - 47in(L) x 13in(W) x 6in(H)