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Education Team

Educators helping educators...experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy.

ELB Education is committed to providing reliable, value-added solutions. Whether you're upgrading existing technology, refurbishing or building new facilities, or just beginning your ed tech journey, we can help. Our Education Consultants (EC's) are classroom educators who can provide the services, solutions, and support you need to create modern, flexible learning spaces. 

Our EC’s have lived and breathed education and have a firm understanding of what makes a successful classroom. Their expertise in the design and delivery of  learning spaces, their knowledge of the tools and technologies that make a difference, and their capabilities in developing effective professional development programs, ensures success time and time again.

With support from our Education Team, you can bring engagement, enlightment, and empowerment to any learning space! 

Contact us today to find the ELB Education Consultant near you!