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Collaboration Software

Experience the Many Benefits of Cloud-based Collaboration Software.

Prowise Presenter Software

Bring your interactive devices to life with Prowise Presenter software. A cloud-based presentation solution, Presenter allows you to interact with your content from any device, anywhere. Presenter can be used to develop and store instructional materials, import and utilize existing whiteboard files, or explore the hundreds of free digital resources. You can also engage in real-time collaboration and assessment using ProConnect. Accessible online, there is no installation required and software updates are seamless. Prowise Presenter is now entirely FREE for all users and accessible to everyone! Teachers now have access to Touch Table Tools, unlimited storage for lessons and more! It has never been easier to create and collaborate!   


MimioConnect is an online blended learning platform that creates interactive learning experiences both in the classroom and at home. Engage both synchronous and asynchronous learners from any web device. Drive participation and collaboration in all settings with thousands of premade activities and existing digital content (ppt, pdf, Google docs, slides, sheets, and other iwb lessons). Differentiate instruction and enhance classroom management with this complete learning solution. All assignments administered are automatically uploaded to your grade book (compatible with Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology). Tailor future lessons to meet students' needs while engaging students and enhancing the learning process today!


ProConnect is a simple feature within Presenter which facilitates interaction between student devices and fosters collaboration in your classroom. Using any internet-enabled device such as a tablet, laptop, Chromebook, smartphone, etc., ProConnect allows teachers and students to connect easily and effectively. Take advantage of the customized tools within ProConnect, including ProQuiz, Voting and Screen Share and take your classroom into the modern digital age! There’s a reason that ProConnect won the IPON award in 2014!

ProQuiz / Voting Tool

With ProQuiz, you can create an educational quiz in the blink of an eye. Create a series of questions in advance or on the spot and have your students take the assessment at their own pace. When complete,  you will receive the graded answers of each student immediately on your digital device. 

Similarly, with the voting tool you can digitally conduct polls or collect answers to questions from your students, regardless of if they are seated in the room or connected remotely. Find out whether or not everyone has understood the subject matter, assess what your students' really think about a particular topic, or make a group decision based on majority rule. With Vote, you can quickly and easily know what is going on in your classroom and progress forward.  


CodeWise is a software tool that allows teachers to instruct students on how to program. It offers a graphical and fun way to write code digitally.

First, students select a character and background. Then they can start creating their own code by simply dragging and dropping action icons to/from the code field. Once complete, students press the start button and their character will behave in a manner consistent with the program they have coded.

The CodeWise programming tool can be accessed completely free of charge from within Prowise Presenter.