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St. Mary Immaculate Parish School
St. Mary Immaculate Parish School
Project Overview:
St. Mary Immaculate Parish School is a private Catholic school located just outside of Chicago in Plainfield, IL. With an enrollment of 451 students, the school is proud of their quality learning environment, challenging curriculum, and future-focused faculty members. Their staff strives to provide an outstanding Catholic education for all their students, from 3 year old preschoolers through eighth grades. St. Mary’s offers specialty courses in Computer Technology, STEM, Music, Art and Spanish and has established a 1:1 student device program within their junior high classes.

With the goal of providing teachers and students with the very best in learning resources, Jackie Fiske, St. Mary’s Technology Integration Coordinator is always thinking about and searching for new technology tools which will enhance their school’s curriculum.

After an initial trial period in which St. Mary’s evaluated the Prowise solution in their classrooms, the school made the decision to purchase two Prowise 65” Pro Line panels with integrated PC modules and All-in-One Mobile Lifts. Since implementing their first two Prowise panels, St. Mary’s has experienced many positive benefits that include increased student engagement, collaboration and interaction.

Through Prowise’s cloud-based collaboration software, Presenter, St. Mary’s teachers facilitate various game-based and adaptive learning activities. Multiple students interact with the curriculum simultaneously, either in table or vertical mode, and the transition from one activity to another is seamless. “Teachers are able to quickly and easily change from one interactive activity to another and the fact that we now have an interactive table in our school has been a huge improvement to all our classes.” stated Fiske.

Fiske stressed that these results would not have been possible without the support of the ELB team. Their professionalism and dedication ensured that staff and students are now realizing the full educational benefits of the Prowise solution. “We are beyond thankful for everything ELB has done for our school. They understood our needs, provided the best solution possible, and delivered quality services which has and will continue to ensure outstanding learning experiences at St Mary Immaculate Parish School well into the future.”

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