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Saugus Union School District
Saugus Union School District
Project Overview:

Saugus Union School District (SUSD) is located in the Santa Clarita Valley in Northern Los Angeles County. With an enrollment of over 10,000 students across 15 elementary schools, the District is proud of their outstanding student test scores, highly qualified teachers, supportive staff, and visionary leadership.

In order to keep pace with technological innovations, increase student access to computers, and facilitate upgrades to classroom technology, Measure EE was passed in the 2014 California general election. To effectively utilize these funds, Saugus Union School District appointed two teachers, Mia Standley and Kathleen Perdisatt, to take on a District-wide role known as a Teacher on Special Assignment or TOSA. Due to their interests and skills set, Mia and Kathleen were designated Education Technology Specialists and given 18 months to evaluate, select and upgrade the technology in every SUSD classroom.

Before Measure EE, Saugus classrooms were equipped with a variety of technologies including projectors, interactive whiteboards and tablets. However, there were multiple brands of technology in use and teachers struggled to digitally collaborate and benefit from district-wide technology training sessions.

“When we first started out, multiple software platforms were in use across the District. This really complicated and in some cases prohibited teachers from collaborating and sharing best practices. Some teachers who transferred schools lost significant teaching resources and had to learn entirely new technologies. As a result, it became very clear that selecting one brand and providing district-wide professional development would be key to our overall success.” stated Standley.

During the selection process, Standley and Perdisatt worked with school board members, the Superintendent, Administrators, technology department leaders, as well as parents, to evaluate various technology options. “We evaluated several brands during our search process, but it was undeniable that the Prowise solution offered the most flexibility and adaptability. Other products didn’t include critical safety or height adjustability features or didn’t meet our budgetary requirements.”

After several product demonstrations and an initial trial period, Saugus Unified School District made the decision to purchase Prowise Pro Line Flat Panels with integrated PC modules for over 450 elementary classrooms, resource centers, and the District office. While the majority of panels were implemented on Prowise All-In-One Mobile Lifts for greater flexibility, some were mounted on Prowise Height-Adjustable Wall Mounts.

Over the course of three weeks, ELB provided a variety of professional services, including project management, logistics, warehousing, white-glove installation, and commissioning, to successfully deliver and install all of SUSD’s 450+ Prowise solutions. As panels were installed, the ELB Education team executed on a comprehensive training program for all district staff. All teachers, support staff, and administrators were provided expert training and support to master the hardware and software features of the Prowise solution.

SUSD has observed numerous benefits from implementing the Prowise solution district-wide. Benefits include an increase in educator and student collaboration as well as improved student engagement.

Through Presenter, SUSD teachers encourage student participation by facilitating activities that connect student devices. ProConnect, a feature within Presenter, is used regularly to support real-time, multi device collaboration. “Our students love the Monkey Swing math game within ProConnect! They are much more excited about learning when they play with the software’s games and students are participating like never before. As a result, we have seen an increase in math proficiency.”

Universal access to Presenter software has also greatly improved district-wide technology training sessions since every teacher and faculty member can now retrieve, modify, and share materials either in advance, during or after these sessions. Having everyone on the same platform and being able to learn, share and use the same tools and resources has been valuable to SUSD.

Standley and Perdisatt emphasized that these results would not have been possible without the support of the entire ELB team. From the project managers, to the installation team, to the two Education Consultants, all were critical to the overall success of this major initiative.“From start to the finish, everyone at ELB was so supportive and always ready to address our concerns and needs in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate everyone’s professionalism and the significant amount of time and effort that was spent to ensure our success.”

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