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Alhambra Heights Challenger School
Alhambra Heights Challenger School
Project Overview:

Alhambra Heights Challenger School is a small K-8 private school in North Miami, Florida. Established in 2003, the school is proud of its commitment to providing students with appropriate resources to achieve academic success. With an extensive network of certified teachers and highly qualified tutors, the school can provide support to any student, regardless of grade, subject or assignment. From writing and reading to higher level math and SAT preparation, Alhambra Heights creates strategies that best fit student needs. The administration values tutoring, not only to explain complicated subject matters or to build studying strategies, but to provide personal encouragement and support. Giving their students an edge in their education and seeing them succeed both now and in the future, is their ultimate goal. This is a distinguishing factor about Alhambra Heights Challenger School.

In 2016, Beverly Hilton, Director of Alhambra Heights Challenger School, began searching for new education technologies that would enhance learning and consistently challenge their K-8 students.

While other technologies were considered, Hilton believed the Prowise solution offered the best value. In coming to this conclusion, Hilton worked with other teachers at the school to evaluate how the panel would accommodate modern pedagogies and meet their specific teaching needs. “As we were comparing the Prowise panel with other brands, it was undeniable that Prowise was the most user-friendly. Likewise, it had the most comprehensive, adaptable, and innovative features to accommodate all grade levels.”

After an initial trial period and various product demonstrations, Alhambra Heights Challenger School purchased two Prowise Pro Line Flat Panels with integrated PC modules and All-In-One Mobile Lifts from ELB Education for their K-8 classrooms. “We didn’t want to overwhelm our teachers with a complicated product and then offer no support. Instead, we knew that Prowise, coupled with the quality services provided by ELB, would be the ideal solution for us. We knew it would be a successful transition.” exclaimed Hilton.

Alhambra Heights Challenger School has observed numerous benefits for both teachers and students alike from implementing the Prowise solution. For students, there has been notable increases in engagement and interaction, as well as specific improvements in reading comprehension, math proficiency, and overall learning. Students of all ages are highly engaged with the digital content and as a result are more focused.

Hilton emphasized that these results would not have been possible without the support of the ELB team. Their professionalism and dedication ensured a very positive experience and that the full educational benefits of the Prowise solution would be realized by all.

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