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Special Education Furniture
Dot Soft Seating by MooreCo

The Dots were designed with versatility in mind. Light-weight and fun, take them anywhere to create spaces for learning, discussion, or reflection. Choose from a curved bottom and enjoy a subtle rocking motion or a flat bottom and use the Dot as a stool or kneeling platform. With so many options, they are the perfect solution for any early years classroom!

  • 14” diameter (flat bottom: 4.5”H; rocking bottom: 5”H)
  • Multiple fabrics available
  • Stacks for easy storage
  • Non-skid base
Hierarchy Rocker Chair by MooreCo

The Rocker Chair is ideal for encouraging focus and engagement among students. It comes standard with a smooth reinforced back offering lumbar support, and a heavy platinum steel base ensuring durability in even the most challenging environments. It's the perfect addition to any classroom or special education environment.

  • Available in 3 heights - 14″, 16″, and 18″
  • Encourages calmness, focus, and cognitive processing
  • Flexible and ergonomically shaped seat with lumbar support
  • Upholstered seat optional
Particles Junior by Encore

Particles Junior is the perfect light-weight seating solution for youngsters of all ages. The triangular pieces configure to create endless shapes, encouraging playing, listening, and working together along the way. Say goodbye to standard classroom chairs and set the stage for learning and fun!  

  • Multiple fabrics and finishes to choose from
  • Supports team building and communication
  • Optional tables and accessories available
  • Middle school and adult sizes also available
Leaflette Benches by Arcadia

Leaflette benches are an innovative soft seating solution for early years and elementary classrooms. Benches can be easily moved to create flexible learning spaces or combined with tables and lounge chairs to encourage collaboration. Play around and have fun, one bench at a time.

  • Select from two sizes of bench
  • Mix and match colors as desired
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified
Visor Modular by Encore

With the Visor Modular line, defining a common learning space and creating an intuitive and collaborative environment has never been easier. With armless lounge chairs, love seats and tables, the configurations are endless and perfect. The sleek design and shapes encourage interaction and engagement, or just the right amount of quiet.

  • Seat Height: 17.5”
  • Straight and wedge-shaped seating styles
  • Armless solutions
  • Individual or modular combinations