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Clean Hands Helper Portable Sink by Jonti-Craft

Washing your hands with antibacterial soap is the most effective way to reduce your risk of illness. The Clean Hands Helper Portable Sink takes sanitation anywhere, without plumbing, and includes a built-in heated water tank. Enhance your school's illness prevention measures and help keep student and staff safe with this unique portable sink solution.    

  • Available in 38” or 26” counter heights
  • Stainless steel or plastic sink option
  • Faucet feature enhanced with water saving aerator
Ethos™ Chair by Haskell

The Ethos Chair is more than just a chair, it doubles as an active learning device for today's students. Built with versatility, mobility and personal storage in mind, the chair offers an ambidextrous tablet arm, agile quad base and 360-degree swiveling seat. Perfect for group work or lecture theaters while adhering to social distancing requirements.

  • Multiple accessories to choose from
  • Six large casters for sturdy and easy mobility
  • Backpack or book storage in base

The Essentials Student Desk is complemented by the Hierarchy Caster Chair and is the perfect solution for the socially distant learner. With its lightweight, durable, and easy to move design, students can create a learning space wherever its needed - at home or at school. Available in multiple colors and finishes, this easy to assemble solution includes a hook for convenient backpack storage and will quickly allow you to create a socially distanced learning space anywhere!

  • Desk is height-adjustable from 23″ to 29″ in 2″ increments
  • Desk available in 4 laminate colors with a black or platinum frame
  • Chair available in 9 colors

A classroom favorite! The Shapes Desk brings simplicity and functionality in a customizable package. With numerous group configurations, height adjustability, and a variety of custom surfaces, it offers maximum engagement, collaboration, and flexibility in any learning space. Use it as an individual student desk, or combine several together to create breakout tables for small groups. Perfect for creating socially distanced learning spaces.


Ideal for the teacher on-the-go, the Mobile Teacher Workstation II is stylish and ideally suited for today's changing classroom needs and social distancing requirements. Choose from a selection of laminate or whiteboard tops, with options to add a modesty panel, pop-up grommet outlet or USB charger. This mobile work station features a locking cabinet and file drawer to accommodate all of your devices and materials. Enjoy safe and convenient storage and transport of all your important teaching files with this unique mobile desk!


The Fuzion Sit to Stand is a unique height-adjustable desk that promotes a healthier learning environment. The central column, which can be easily raised or lowered to adjust the work desk height, along with the four sturdy casters, offer unlimited flexibility in any learning space. Ideal for social distancing.

  • Dynamic height range of 28 1/4″ to 42″
  • Hydraulic SureLock construction
  • 20-year warranty

The Hierarchy Grow & Roll Table and Desk collection is perfect for the evolving classroom. Move about the classroom with ease and make group or individual activities simple with these fresh and fun furniture solutions. With the touch of a finger, all tables easily adjust in height for students’ comfort. Quickly and efficiently rearrange your classroom layout to adhere to social distancing!

  • Height-adjustable from 26.5″ - 42.3″
  • Powder-coated steel base in platinum features four locking casters
  • Table bases feature dual pneumatic lift columns
  • Desk features single pneumatic lift columns
  • Optional modesty panels available

The Hierarchy Chair and Stool collection was designed with flexibility, mobility and social distancing in mind. Brighten up your classroom with these ergonomic seating solutions. All models include built-in lumbar support and a reinforced backing, allowing for flexible movement without the sharp edges. Move them around as needed to ensure proper social distancing. Available with or without arms, and upholstered seats, this collection is perfect for stimulating focus and motivation in any learning environment.

Hierarchy 4-Leg Caster Chair

  • Seat height available is two sizes: 16" & 18"
  • Heavy gauge chrome or platinum steel legs with 2" casters
  • Available in hard or soft versions

Hierarchy 5-Star Chair

  • Seat adjusts pneumatically from 16-1/2" to 21-1/2"
  • Steel base with 2" swivel casters
  • Available in hard or soft versions

Hierarchy 4-Leg Stool

  • Available in two seat heights: 24" & 30"
  • Heavy gauge chrome or platinum steel base
  • Includes nylon swivel glides

Hierarchy 5-Star Stool

  • Seat adjusts pneumatically in height from 23" to 33"
  • Base is made with steel and black plastic featuring 2" casters
  • Available in hard or soft versions

The Hierarchy Grow Stool has core strengthening wobble action and swiveling capabilities which encourages small movements by students. As an active learning solution, it promotes improved upright posture and increased focus on learning, allowing you to engage all learners while remaining socially distant.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Short stool: height adjustable from 14″ to 18″
  • Tall stool: height adjustable from 17″ to 24″
  • 8 colors to choose from

Hierarchy Flipz Stools have a unique, modern, and ergonomic design that fits right into today’s classroom. Allowing kids to be active even while sitting, the double ended stool can be used either as a stationary seat or as a rocking stool, offering gentle movement in all directions. Meet the needs of active learners while maintaining social distancing requirements with these innovative seating solutions.

  • Rocking or stationary seating
  • Light-weight design for movement by any student
  • Slip resistant rubber to keep the stool stable
  • Stools stack for easy and compact storage
Particles Modular by Encore

Come together as a group or work independently with the Particles Modular seating solution. Practicing social distancing? No problem. This flexible table and bench collection can quickly transform into various seating arrangements, supporting a variety of learning activities. With it's light-weight design, you can easily break away individual pieces into smaller or singular pods. It's an ideal solution for any learning space.

  • Available in multiple sizes, finishes and fabrics
  • Children's models and occasional tables available
  • Benches taper inward or outward for nesting
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified
Elephant Z-Stool by NPS

The Elephant Z-Stool provides a unique solution for the most demanding science, STEM, or art environments. These light-weight, stackable stools, with optional backrest, can be placed safely on tabletops for easy storage and cleanup. Move them around as needed to support social distancing. As they are MAS Certified Green, the stools are eligible for credit in many sustainability programs. Bring your students back to their creative space quickly with the Elephant Z-Stool.

  • 3 height options
  • Equipped with an ergonomic blowmolded seat, providing maximum comfort
  • Added rear brace for additional strength
  • 48 hour quick ship time

The Flirt Guest Chair is a multi-functional yet comfortable seating solution for any educational or office setting. Available in a variety of vibrant colors and finishes, this modular piece compliments any area with its modern design. Whether in-use or nested, your room can be easily reconfigured; perfect for creating a socially distant work space.

  • Flip-up seat promotes easy nesting storage
  • Fixed seat swivel base features auto-return
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified
Echo™ Table by Haskell

The Echo table is a series of mobile and modular furniture solutions designed to engage the entire classroom. The chevron shape offers a seamless transition into a number of learning configurations and the table comes standard with individual whiteboard, hook, easel and clip for each student or teacher. Use the personal whiteboard to create a natural divider between students or create an element of separation by moving the table within the room. Perfect for creating a socially distanced learning space.

Sit/Stand Flipper Tabless by MooreCo

The Sit/Stand Flipper Table is one of the most flexible tables on the market. Its quick-fold top allows for easy transport and storage capabilities, while the height adjustment accommodates learners of any age or height. The casters, with locking capabilities, make re-configuring your learning space quick and easy. Perfect for meeting social distancing requirements.

  • Height-adjustable from 28.5″ to 45″
  • HPL top is available in multiple quick-ship colors
  • Available with a variety of accessories
Signature Science Lab Table by NPS

Creating an inclusive science or STEM lab is effortless with the environmentally friendly Signature Science Lab Table. Adaptive for ADA requirements, the patented mechanism allows the table to automatically rise and lock at your preferred height setting. It's the perfect table for all your project-based activities!

  • Smoothly adjusts in ¾” increments from 27” to 42”
  • Oversized matching floor glides are standard; optional casters available
  • 1" Chem-Res laminate top resistant to 13 chemicals
Co-op Collections by Arcadia

The Co-op Collection is perfect for individual, semi-private or group collaboration sessions virtually anywhere in the school. Create smaller learning spaces without the added cost or effort of building construction. With multiple design options to choose from, including a canopy that instantly creates a private learning space, it offers the ideal location for social distancing or focused work.

  • Stand-alone, wall-mounted and single units available
  • Public models are 43-1/2” tall; Private models are 56-3/4” tall; and Private with Canopy models are 88-1/2" tall
  • Canopy option available with or without overhead cut-out detail
  • Optional accessories include cantilever tables, shelf storage, storage cubbies, power outlets, USB ports, and overhead LED light fixture
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
Intima Modulars by Arcadia

The Intima Modular sets the tone for multi-functional learning spaces. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms, libraries or next-gen classrooms, it embodies contemporary sophistication. Collaborate in comfort as this collection accommodates it all. The privacy walls provide protective barriers and inspire socially distanced productivity.

  • Public (low back) and private (high back) modular collections comprised of quarter-round wedge, 45-degree corner, and three sizes of straight units
  • Public units stand 31-1/2″ tall, or 41-1/2″ with headrest. Private units stand 41-1/2″ tall, or 51-1/2″ with headrest
  • Accessorize with a shelf, rotating tablet or power outlets
  • Accompanying lounge collection, pull-up table and bar stool available